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Why I Chose Bethlehem College and Seminary

  After an equally arduous and difficult year of discerning prayerfully our next step as a family, the first day of my first semester at Bethlehem College and Seminary is slated to begin this Monday at 8:30 am. I’ll be cycling through East … Continue reading

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A Creational Framing of the Arts

Philosopher James K.A. Smith at Calvin College provides a set of tremendously beneficial comments over at Comment Mag regarding the poetry of Charles Wright. It is a poignant retractor to the working assumption that Christians ought to quietly avoid the arts because … Continue reading

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The Intolerability of Authentic Christianity

“Our Christianity has the appearance of being an adjunct or an appendix to the rest of our lives instead of being the main theme and the moving force in our existence….We seem to have a real horror of being different. … Continue reading

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The Love of Jesus

I’ve thought a lot lately about how Jesus loves people more than I do. The sphere of my love does not normally contain the type of people that Jesus’ does. That doesn’t shock me necessarily, but it does compel me. … Continue reading

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Who Can Possibly Drain Him Dry?

“If Christ’s human nature could be separated from His divine nature, then thirsty, guilty souls, would soon drain Him dry. …But when the well of of His humanity is inseparably united to the infinite, inexhaustible reservoir of His deity, who … Continue reading

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