Who Can Possibly Drain Him Dry?

“If Christ’s human nature could be separated from His divine nature, then thirsty, guilty souls, would soon drain Him dry. …But when the well of of His humanity is inseparably united to the infinite, inexhaustible reservoir of His deity, who can possibly drain Him dry? There is enough grace, mercy and pardon in one of God’s promises for the sins of millions of worlds, if they existed, because the promise is supplied from an infinite, bottomless reservoir. What is one finite guilt before the infinite and eternal reservoir of grace? Show me the sinner who can spread his sin to infinite dimensions and I will show him the infinite and eternal reservoir of grace and mercy. Beware, then, of those who would rob you of the deity of Christ.” John Owen, Communion With God (The Banner of Truth Trust, 1991), pgs 61-62.

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