Why I Chose Bethlehem College and Seminary


After an equally arduous and difficult year of discerning prayerfully our next step as a family, the first day of my first semester at Bethlehem College and Seminary is slated to begin this Monday at 8:30 am. I’ll be cycling through East Franklin en route to 13th ave south around 8 if you’d like to say hi. Above, assistant professor of New Testament Andy Naselli presents (quite concisely) a few of the variety of reasons in which BCS is uniquely fitted to students with a vocational calling in the Word of God.

James K.A. Smith writes in Desiring the Kingdom,

“What is education for? And more specifically, what is at stake in a distinctly Christian education? What does the qualifier Christian mean when appended to education? It is usually understood that education is about ideas and information (though it is also too often routinely reduced to credentialing for a career and viewed as a ticket to a job). And so distinctively Christian education is understood to be about Christian ideas–which usually requires a defense of the importance of “the life of the mind.” On this account, the goal of a Christian education is the development of a Christian perspective, or more commonly now, a Christian worldview, which is taken to be a system of Christian beliefs, ideas, and doctrines.

But what if this line of thinking gets off on the wrong foot? What if education … is not primarily about the absorption of ideas and information, but about the formation of hearts and desires? What if we began by appreciating how education not only gets into our head but also (and more fundamentally) grabs us by the gut? What if education was primarily concerned with shaping our hopes and passions – our visions of ‘the good life’ – and not merely about the dissemination of data and information as inputs to our thinking? What if the primary work of education was the transforming of our imagination rather than the saturation of our intellect? …

What if education wasn’t first and foremost about what we know, but about what we love?”

This affection-forming education is exactly why I happily signed up for BCS and subsequently relocated 1,200 miles from home. If you believe in this vision, and would like to partner with me financially, more information is located here.

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