Fine-Tuning In A Multiverse Scenario


Provided this universe has been fine-tuned for discoverability by embodied conscious agents, how might we approach the hypothesis that this universe is simply one among a numberless set of universes? What if there were a multiverse? Here is a paper proposing a model for fine-tuning in a multiverse scenario which I think has a particular note of strength. 

“Thomas states that one existent could not be sufficient in depicting God’s goodness. What about two existents? What about a billion existents? The point is that not even 1010 10 7 universes could fully reflect the divine goodness. What is needed to sufficiently reflect the divine goodness is either an actual infinite or a potential infinite of existents. Even if there were or could be an actual infinite set of finite existents, it could only reflect the divine goodness because it is still actual only as the effect of God’s free causal activity. If this doctrine of variety is to be taken seriously then no finite amount of existents could ever truly fully reflect the divine goodness. At the same time, Thomas’s God is free to reveal or hide himself as he chooses, and so there are no constraints on a Thomistic multiverse.”

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