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The Garden of Eden As The First Temple

Beale: “The first sanctuary was in Eden. How do we know this, since there was no architectural structure in Eden? Such a claim may sound strange to the ears of many. The following nine observations, among others that I do … Continue reading

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Czeslaw Milosz On Reading The Gospels In Greek

You asked me what is the good of reading the Gospels in Greek. I answer that it is proper that we move our finger Along letters more enduring than those carved in stone, And that, slowly pronouncing each syllable, We … Continue reading

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Reading The Gospels Wisely

Pennington: “Our canonical Gospels are the theological, historical, and aretological (virtue-forming) biographical narratives that retell the story and proclaim the significance of Jesus Christ, who through the power of the Spirit is the Restorer of God’s reign.” The staple method … Continue reading

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What Is Justification In Paul?

  Moo: “The Bible pictures all human beings as defendants in a courtroom: a courtroom in which God is the judge and our sins constitute the evidence against us. The judge weighs the evidence and finds every single one of … Continue reading

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Why the Church Needs an Apocalyptic Eschatology

Richard Hays: The church needs apocalyptic eschatology to carry Israel’s story forward. Without a future oriented hope one cannot affirm God’s faithfulness to Israel and God’s covenantal promises become unintelligible. Or even worse, a faithless God means we have fickle … Continue reading

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What Makes For A Good Argument?

  Let’s get clear what makes for a “good” argument. An argument is a series of statements (called premises) leading to a conclusion. A sound argument must meet two conditions: (1) it is logically valid (i.e., its conclusion follows from … Continue reading

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