Reading The Gospels Wisely

Pennington: “Our canonical Gospels are the theological, historical, and aretological (virtue-forming) biographical narratives that retell the story and proclaim the significance of Jesus Christ, who through the power of the Spirit is the Restorer of God’s reign.”

The staple method of reading the biographies of Jesus demands the delivery of hard doctrinal content in propositional form. This is unfortunate. When reading the gospels, resist the urge to analytically extract doctrinal content. This procedure will only sterilize their emotive content, or worse—flatten all of it into a static and dismembered collection of moral stories. To read the gospels wisely is to see them as stories which powerfully engage the imaginative seat of man—stories which effect the dynamic experience of personal transformation by appealing to a person holistically, rather than simply delivering cold and impersonal information to just his intellect.

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