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A Reformed Ecumenical Statement

  Here is an excellent ecumenical statement from Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho. I thought I’d include it here as a provisional example of what a reformed ecumenical posture might look like. Too often ecumenism is improperly conflated with … Continue reading

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Brainerd Preaches To The Native Americans

From the Diary of David Brainerd: “I retired early this morning into the woods for prayer; had the assistance of God’s Spirit, and faith in exercise; and was enabled to plead with fervency for the world, and to intercede for … Continue reading

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The Final Words of Thomas Goodwin

“I am going to the three Persons, with whom I have had communion. My bow abides in strength. Is Christ divided? No, I have the whole of his righteousness; I am found in him, not having my own righteousness, which … Continue reading

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The Future of Protestantism

Leithart: “Don’t follow Jesus unless you are willing to have your world upended, again and again. It is only in this faith that we can embrace the death that God demands of us. I dearly hope that Protestant tribalism dies; I … Continue reading

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Johannine Trinitarianism

Paul Rainbow on the eternal generation of the Son: “To be θεός, to have life in oneself, belongs to God alone. It belongs to both the Father and the Son, but it belongs to the Father intrinsically and to the Son … Continue reading

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