The Future of Protestantism

Leithart: “Don’t follow Jesus unless you are willing to have your world upended, again and again. It is only in this faith that we can embrace the death that God demands of us. I dearly hope that Protestant tribalism dies; I will do all in my power to kill it, not least in myself. I long to see churches that neglect the Eucharist blasted from the earth. I hope to see fragmented Protestantism, anti-liturgical and anti-sacramental Protestantism, thinkly biblical Protestantism, anti-doctrinal and anti-intellectual Protestantism, anti-traditional Protestantism, rationalist and nationalist Protestantism slip into the grave – and I will not hesitate to turn that grave into a dance floor. Insofar as these are the things that make Protestants Protestant, I am hoping for the death of Protestantism.

But death is never the last word for the Church of the living God, the God who is faithful to death, and then yet again faithful. Christianity and future are synonomous. If Protestant churches must die, they die in faith that they will be raised anew, more radiant with glory than ever. For the Creator who said in the fifth and ninth and sixteenth centuries “It is good” will not finish his work until we come to the final Sabbath, where everything will, once and for all, be very, very good.”


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