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The Power of Beauty

Why think that collecting knowledge is more precious than the experience of beauty? Both the violin and the syllogism provide an expository element to the theodrama of cosmic redemption that would not have been known otherwise. The intellectual without the … Continue reading

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Bavinck, 100 Years Before Tom Wright Was Surprised By Hope

“All that is true, honorable, just, pure, pleasing, and commendable in the whole of creation, in heaven and on earth, is gathered up in the future city of God—renewed, re-created, boosted to its highest glory. The substance [of the city … Continue reading

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True Substitution

“Let us beware that some accounts of what it means for Christ to have died on behalf of the ungodly—what theologians sometimes call his “substitutionary” death—are deeply problematic. If we view Christ on the cross as a third party being … Continue reading

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Between Auschwitz and Golgotha

  The sense (not a properly generic one) in which the witnesses of the Holocaust created a new literature of testimony, is much the same sense as that in which the witnesses of the history of Jesus created the Gospels. … Continue reading

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How Jesus Studied Deuteronomy

Vanhoozer: “Why did Jesus himself not find Deuteronomy’s depiction of God abhorrent? Probably because he was not working with the concept of “morally perfect being”. I find it interesting that Rauser and Morriston treat their own moral intuitions about what a … Continue reading

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In Which Calvin Visits The Library

How can a Christian read pagan literature? Thankfully, says Calvin. “Therefore, in reading profane authors, the admirable light of truth displayed in them should remind us, that the human mind, however much fallen and perverted from its original integrity, is … Continue reading

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No, I’m Not Going To Be Destroyed

  An unobtrusive poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, whose work is among the most fantastic literary artifacts transmitted into modernity. Translation: Franz Wright— No, I’m Not Going To Be Destroyed No, I’m not going to be destroyed by anyone, and … Continue reading

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