Methodological Skepticism: an Ethnocentric Prejudice?

Richard Bauckham: “[Craig] Keener mounts a very strong challenge to the methodological skepticism about the miraculous to which so many New Testament scholars are still committed. It turns out to be an ethnocentric prejudice of modern Western intellectuals. So who’s afraid of David Hume now?”

Keener: “On another occasion there was a scholar at SBL who was so sick he was going to leave the meeting and not give his paper the next day. A colleague in Hebrew Bible and I asked if we could pray for him, and laid hands on him in front of the book exhibit area at SBL. Just about that time the exhibit was closing and people were now milling all about us (quite politely, they seemed not to notice us!) I was surprised to learn that the scholar did present his paper the next day, reporting to us that God healed him after we prayed. That has nothing to do with me or my faith (maybe my Hebrew Bible colleague had more — smile), but with our awesome God eager to show His love, mercy and power.”

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