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You Are My God, My Life, My Holy Delight

You, my God, are supreme, utmost in goodness, mightiest and all-powerful, most merciful and most just. You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present amongst us, the most beautiful and yet the most strong, ever enduring … Continue reading

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Is δικαιόω Forensic?

“The background of δικαιοσύνη θεοῦ is in Israel’s sacred traditions which present God’s ‘righteousness’ as somewhat equivalent to God’s ‘salvation.’  In some cases righteousness is predicated of God’s mighty acts (Jdgs. 5:11; 1 Sam. 12:7). . . Righteousness appears elsewhere not as … Continue reading

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The Aaronic Blessing

“Now, I am speaking to you Gentiles.” (Rom. 11:13) “Paul could make sense of his life only in the context of the promises to Israel. The temptation to regard Israel as a relic of the past, now supplanted by the … Continue reading

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Cruciform Epistemology

  Richard Hays on the crucifixion of Jesus as a new way of knowing: God, however, has revealed in Christ another kind of wisdom that radically subverts the wisdom of this world: God has chosen to save the world through … Continue reading

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On Blackholes and the Passing of Elisabeth Elliot

Two things: 1. Elizabeth Elliot fell asleep today in Christ, decades after her first husband Jim was faithful unto death as a martyr-missionary in Ecuador. I am sure both now share the infinite persuasion that Christ was worth it all. … Continue reading

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The Supremacy of King Yeshua over Torah

The Messiah precedes creation, precedes the nations, precedes the election of Israel, precedes the historical reality of the Jewish people. Apart from the Messiah these other realities would not be. They are because the Messiah first is, and because the … Continue reading

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