It is God—the infinitely, irremovably, determinably happy God—who designed the universe to be the theatre upon which he displays the infinite and supreme beauty of his manifold perfections in Christ. And it is Jesus, glorious in the splendor of his invincible love, who is the climactic denouement on the created stage of this universe—the one in whom the whole of the panoramic grandeur of God’s glorious grace is fully enjoyed. We must not forget: the Christian’s redemption carries with it the call to redeem the destructive liturgies of systemic sin quietly at work in the world through counter-liturgies of beautiful love. We have been redeemed, not only for individual renewal, but also for that of cosmic renewal. This is why the saving beauty which became an event in the incarnation of Christ is also an education in loving our neighbors. For beauty to save the world—for kindness to emerge through the instrumental presence of Christ on the earth—one must first learn the liturgical rhythms through which the Kingdom of God will be consummated. We must relearn our vocation to be a portrait in whom Christ is clearly visible—to be, in the power of the Holy Spirit, beautiful as God is beautiful, and so participate in the vocational aesthetics of redemptive love.

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