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The Last Greek Infinitive

Fascinating. “Unlike ancient forms of Greek, use of the infinitive has been lost in all other Greek dialects known today – so speakers of Modern Greek would say I want that I go instead of I want to go. But, in Romeyka, not … Continue reading

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Paul’s Political Theology

  Reading Paul’s letters with responsible attention to their own dynamics, we find that his theology concerns the subversive and redemptive power of divine grace in Christ, which creates and empowers new communities of social (and therefore broadly political) significance. … Continue reading

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What if Christians Refused to Fight?

Inevitably, someone raises the question about World War II: What if Christians had refused to fight against Hitler? My answer is a counter-question: What if the Christians in Germany had emphatically refused to fight for Hitler, refused to carry out … Continue reading

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Learning in Wartime

By C.S. Lewis. A sermon preached in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, Autumn, 1939.  A University is a society for the pursuit of learning. As students, you will be expected to make yourselves, or to start making … Continue reading

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Nonviolence and Divine Vengeance

One could object that it is not worthy of God to wield the sword. Is God not love, long-suffering and all-powerful love? A counter-question could go something like this: Is it not a bit too arrogant to presume that our … Continue reading

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