In Whom God Renews the Face of the Earth

“When Jesus talks of seeking God’s kingdom, he isn’t telling us that the kingdom is some hidden reality which we have to struggle to lay bare. God’s kingdom doesn’t lie at the end of some great quest, and seeking it isn’t to be an occasion for spiritual athleticism. To seek God’s kingdom is simply to acknowledge that it is already among us, supremely potent and effective in the ministry of the man Jesus. To seek God’s kingdom thus means in public and in private, politically and domestically, to order our affections in such a way that God in Christ is the supreme reality. It means to govern our thinking and acting by the sheer truth that Jesus Christ is the one in whom God renews the face of the earth; it means to acknowledge that all other ways of thinking and acting fail, because they don’t read the world as it truly is: the place of God’s kingly rule. To “seek” that rule is, we might say, to strive after and hasten toward God’s rule as the most real reality and truest truth that may be found.”

Webster, John. Confronted by Grace: Pastoral Meditations from a Systematic Theologian (Lexham, 2015).

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