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The Only Jesus There Is

The only historical Jesus there is is the one who has his being in union with the Son of God who is eternally begotten of the Father. Those who pore over the gospels searching for another Jesus (whether their motives … Continue reading

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Rutger Allan: Markedness in Voice Semantics

. To summarize, all markedness-criteria point in the same direction: the active voice is the unmarked member in the opposition with the marked middle voice. Since the active voice can occur in environments in which the subject is affected (contextual … Continue reading

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Jewish-Christian Martyrology and the Shoah

We must believe that all the suffering of Israel, persecuted by pagans because of its Election, is a part of the Messiah’s suffering, just as the killing of the children in Bethlehem makes up a part of Christ’s passion. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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Searching Her Own Mystery

The “problem” of Jewish-Christian relations does not arise as a result of merely practical and pastoral concerns deriving from the Church’s relationship to particular Jewish communities. Instead, it arises as a result of the Church’s own essential nature. This means … Continue reading

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